Nutrition Encyclopedia | Agar is a low heat and high fiber edible gel

Name: Agar, also known as agar, seaweed, frozen powder, etc.

Source: Made from cauliflower, gracilaria, seaweed, and other red algae through processes such as leaching, dehydration, and drying.

Property characteristics: white or light yellow, tasteless, hydrophilic, with certain gel characteristics, good stability.

Applied food: commonly used in foods such as soft candy, jelly, ice cream, pastries, yogurt, beverages, meat products, canned goods, etc.

Health impact: Agar is a soluble polysaccharide that can form a gel with water. It is a type of dietary fiber that is not digested and absorbed by the human body, and has low calories that can be ignored. However, it cannot provide nutrition and can only fill the volume and increase satiety.

Shopping suggestion: Yogurt, beverages, gummies, jelly and other foods with added agar can be consumed with peace of mind. But don't overly pursue it just because it doesn't contain calories, because agar cannot provide nutrition, and excessive intake may affect the intake of other healthy foods, leading to malnutrition.

Post time: 2023/7/5 15:04:54