Food additive Zinc gluconate

As a zinc fortifier, Zinc gluconate has quick effect, high absorption rate, small side effects and convenient use, especially in children's food, candy and dairy products. From the perspective of synthesis methods, the glucose paired electrolysis method has a short process flow, simple operation, low investment cost, and can produce two products simultaneously, with low energy consumption and high product purity. The research on paired electrolytic glucose is deepening. With the improvement of process conditions, it is ideal to use this method to produce Zinc gluconate.


Zinc fortifier. It has a high absorption rate in the body and has no irritating effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It has excellent performance and is widely added to various foods. According to GB1488-94, this product can be used in dairy products at a concentration of 230-470mg/kg; Infant and toddler food, 195-545mg/kg; Cereals and their products, 160-320mg/kg; Liquid and milk drinks, 40-80mg/kg; Salt, 800-1000mg/kg. In addition, GB2760-2007 also stipulates that the dosage of this product in milk powder for children over one year old and children is 0.050-0.175g/kg (calculated as Zn); The dosage used in soft drinks is 21.0-56mg/kg

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